Did You Know?

Australia's offices have become a forest full of filing cabinets. We're now using 1.52 million tonnes of printing and writing paper every year. This section tells you all you need to know about paper and the impact it has on your office.
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Saving Money & Paper

It's not just the cost of paper you should worry about. With mailouts there are also postage costs. Then there's the photocopiers, faxes and printers (and the electricity needed to run them). This section shows you how to cut these costs.
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What Software To Get

Getting the right software doesn't just save you money - it can also boost productivity and make your company run more efficiently. This section shows you the many ways that software can save you paper and money. You can also read reviews by software expert Kevin Tattrie.
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Start Your Campaign

This section gives you communication tips on how to engage your colleagues in your paper saving drive.
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Equipment Reviews

Saving paper by going digital? This section contains independent reviews about the best tablets and equipment that will help your company to reduce paper use. Check our reviews by tech experts Steven Fenech and 'The Gadget Guy'.
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Paper Recycling Advice

No matter how much you reduce your paper use, you'll still end up using some. Recycling that paper saves energy and resources and makes a real difference for the environment. Click here for more information.
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Paper Buying Tips

Some types of paper are better for the environment than others. With the money you gain from paper saving, why not buy paper with a lesser environmental impact? This section will show you what kind of labels to look out for.
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