Backing Up Tips

If you’ve ever been on deadline and accidentally deleted an important report, crashed your hard drive, or had your computer stolen, we don’t need to remind you to “back up your work”. Many of us print out files because we fear losing data. However, paper is not the smart solution.

Properly backing up your files is vital in a modern office. Use these tips to save paper and avert a data crisis!

1. Develop a backup plan – before you need it

Do you need to backup daily, weekly or monthly? Make a plan and stick to it.

2. Backup frequently

Most people should back up daily. There are simple solutions available that will automatically backup for you.

3. Save revisions of important files

Even an old copy of your file is better than none during a crisis.

4. Have more than one backup

Always have several backup disks or drives on hand. You could use one disk or drive for every day of the week, or for any combination of days.

5. Watch your storage space

Be sure to use a device that has enough space to hold everything you need during a crisis.

6. Test your backups

Check your files are being backed up and can be accessed.

7. Store a copy of your critical data off site 

If there is a robbery, fire or flood your data can disappear for good.  Store a backup disk or drive at home, in a safety deposit box or online.

8. Use a backup schedule

Schedule backups to run at nights, on weekends, hourly or each time you save.

9. Make sure you have enough backup media 

Don’t be forced to skip a backup because you’re out of media.

10. Don’t procrastinate

Be proactive and begin to backup your data today – it’s quick, easy and automatic.

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