Tech Guide is edited by Stephen Fenech – a journalist with more than 25 years experience. Before creating the Tech Guide website, Stephen was a national technology writer for the Daily Telegraph and the News Limited newspapers around the country.

Back in 2003, Stephen had an idea for a technology liftout that was designed to appeal to people who didn’t know much, if anything, about technology. The section became a reader favourite and expanded around the country. Today Stephen is one of the widely read and highly-respected technology writers in Australia.

Stephen has brought that concept to the internet. Tech Guide has been designed to appeal to readers of all ages and tech knowledge so they can be updated and educated about the latest trends, products and information. You can even get advice on the best product for you with our Interactive Buyer’s Guide and even email Stephen directly to get his advice.

Stephen can also be heard on radio on stations including 2GB, 2UE, 2MMM, NOVA and 2HD and is also a regular on the Kerri-Anne Kennerley Show on Channel 9.

Stephen’s site can be found at whilst his reviews can also be found on our Equipment Reviews section.

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