Launch A ‘Save Paper’ Campaign

There are many simple things that you can do to promote paper reduction in your work place. Here follows some basic tips to get you started on your own ‘Save Paper’ campaign.

Send Out Email Tips To…

  • Educate staff about new ways to reduce paper. You can use the facts and figures from this site to populate your emails.
  • Tell people about a colleague’s great ‘Save Paper’ idea or result.
  • Keep up enthusiasm for your ‘Save Paper’ campaign and celebrate success!

Use The Internet To…

  • Promote your ‘Save Paper’ campaign to customers and stakeholders.
  • Talk up your paper saving results on your website and your annual company report. (the downloadable PDF version!)
  • If you work at a larger company, create an internal paper reduction webpage or blog about your campaign.
  • You can also place newsletters, tips and articles onto your intranet.

Make Up Some Posters…

  • Hang posters around the office to remind staff about the need to reduce office paper use.
  • Support specific campaign goals. For example, put a poster near your printer to remind staff to print documents on both sides of the page.
Produce A Fact Sheet…
  • Read through the website to learn more about office paper reduction.
  • Create a ‘Top 10 Tips‘ as an introduction in the e-mails you send out to staff.
  • Place your tips fact sheet on your intranet so that everyone can read it without creating more paper.

Read our tips to develop an office printing policy.

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