How To Report Unwanted Junk Mail

Reporting Unaddressed ‘Junk Mail’

The Australian Catalogue Association’s industry policy (governed by the Distribution Standards Board Code of Practice) states that no advertising material should be delivered to mail boxes showing such ‘no advertising material’ stickers.

If you believe this policy has been broken and you are still receiving advertising material, you can report the breach to the ACA on their Hotline: 1800 676 136. The industry takes such breaches seriously and do act on reports.


Reporting Addressed ‘Junk Mail’

The Australian Direct Marketing Association’s Code of Practice sets out standards of conduct for participants in the direct marketing industry in relation to individuals and consumers and serves as a benchmark in settling disputes.

Please note that after having requested the ‘Do Not Mail Service‘ from ADMA, it can take up to 30-45 days for it to take effect and only applies to ADMA member companies.

If, however, after six weeks of registering with the ‘Do Not Mail Service’ service you continue to receive unsolicited direct mail from any ADMA member company you may lodge a complaint with the Direct Marketing Code Authority. To first check that if the direct marketing company in question is a member please check here. If you are still satisfied that all the requirements are met, then you can email the Direct Marketing Code Authority at or write to:

ADMA Code Authority
Reply Paid
GPO 3895
NSW 2001

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