How To Stop Getting Catalogues, Leaflets & Brochures

The Australian Catalogue Association and its members have always taken a proactive and positive stance on recognising ‘no advertising material’ or ‘no junk mail’ signs. They recognise that it makes no sense to give advertising material to those people who don’t want it. However with that said, nearly 7 billion catalogues¹, distributed primarily through household letterboxes, are produced by retailers and delivered each year. That’s an incredible amount of paper!

When it comes to stopping the delivery of unaddressed advertising material, you can get a free “no advertising material” sticker from the ACA’s website from the Distribution Standards Board (the self-regulatory body of the Australian Catalogue Industry). The DSB will provide a reflective ‘No Advertising Material’ sticker on receipt of a stamped addressed envelope to:

DSB Sticker
PO Box 6252
VIC 3199

If however you still wish to see your favourite catalogue offers – you can do so online instead. Not only will the online version be up-to-date with offers, but their best current price is listed too. To have a look at some of the online versions from key retailers check out our online electronic catalogues section.

¹ Australian Catalogue Association: ‘Catalogues – More Relevant Than Ever’ (2009)

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