How To Stop Direct Mail Advertising

When it comes to stopping the delivery of addressed mail advertising, you can sign up to the ‘Do Not Mail’ program by clicking here at the Australian Direct Marketing Association. It ensures that member companies and organisations of ADMA will respect your request to receive less addresses direct mail. It’s a good way to stop marketing material from being sent out to you or to people who don’t exist, have moved on or have passed away.

The service is free of charge and is available to people who would like to register a residential address, but can take up to 30-45 days to process. It will stop or reduce the level of addressed direct mail, but cannot guarantee a full stop for direct mail sent to businesses addresses, from companies that are NOT members of ADMA, or unaddressed mail such as brochures and flyers. (please see above for unaddressed mail).

To register for the ‘Do Not Mail Service’ you can either fill out their online form here, or alternatively send an email to requesting removal and providing your full details. Alternatively you can send your opt out request by mail to:

ADMA – Do Not Contact Service
GPO Box 3895
NSW 2001

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